Players with the Apple Watch

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FIFA 15 Accounts is coming to the Apple Watch after EA Sports updated the games mobile app to support some rudimentary features for Apples smartwatch, set for release this Friday (24 April).
Players with the Apple Watch can receive notifications through the iPhone app (the Apple Watch requires an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus to function tandem  with) and manage as much as five transfers within the games market (via Pocket Gamer).
Latest features can also be being added beyond the Apple Watch functionality, including the power to quickly build the best possible team out of your choice of  players, along with custom footballs in simulation mode and boosts and tactics now reflecting in Sim Stories.
Ultimate Team has become a 2010 staple with the popular football franchise for a few years now. EA courted some controversy recording after they launched a big changes  towards the games market to help combat illegal coin farmers and folks exploiting it form of hosting gains.
Speaking of Fifa, its addressing that time of year when EA announce your next version of these football sim. Whenever they announce it, Fifa 16 will hit store  shelves in September.

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