the availability of the Winter Upgrades

If you have problems controlling your spending on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team packs,you may concern the news of 134 upgraded ‘Winter Upgrade’ players. EA fiddling around with a bunch of players, giving them a whole load of new and improved card.


By the way, which means that (in most cases), you must recompile those players if you want their improved versions. EA collected frequently asked questions and a list of the various updated maps.

Non-IF (in-form) players at your club do not receive any updates. You need to find / buy / updated version of that card. If the new overall assessment for the player puts his account equal to or above its current if the card, the card when getting hit. If it is not, the memory card, if it remains the same. according to the FAQ, “If you already have a good form player in the updated version of your club, your IF will be upgraded.”

Things a little more difficult for players such as Harry Kane, who currently has a gold card (where previously they only had silver.) Where players have been upgraded to the “quality tiers,” EA say “its poor quality if there is to be updated . “Kane, therefore, still have a couple of silver if the card that will not be updated.

If you are still confused (and I do not blame you) look at the FAQ a little longer until it starts to make sense.Buy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins to improve your player!

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