FIFA16 Latest News

FIFA 16 beta is about to begin! EA studio in Guildford UK will open the beta of FIFA 16. Currently, EA is recruiting staff for this beta. The test will start from March 17 to March 25.

Anther most interesting news is that the legendary king of the paper Highbury- Thierry Henry will appear in FIFA16. Thierry Henry, the legendary superstar French footballer, officially announced his retirement in the afternoon of 16 December 2014.

Although retired, he still carries a lot of young men, which is a nice gift of time. He participated in 337 appearances and 228 goals earned 0 goals in eight games to become the club’s top scorer in the history of 120 years. In May 2006, when he kissed goodbye Highbury, the sign of the times went to another curve. Ten days later, the UEFA Champions League is the last insistence of the team Arsenal. There is absolutely perfect in the world; Legend regret it even more real.

Won second twice in FIFA World Player of the Year, 03-04 and 04-05 seasons European Golden Boot twice PFA Premier League best player, four-time Premiership Golden Boot, all-time Arsenal highest score and all-time record scorer France.

More importantly, as a footballer, Henry still sweating and running hard in the field even if his statue was out.

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