Possible Ways of the Recent Issues of FIFA 15 Mobile

Since lots of people nowadays enjoy doing offers on their mobiles, FIFA 15 has mobile versions like IOS and Android too. Just same as other versions, FIFA 15 mobile version posseses an issue  of struggle to connect right at the end of the game. In the following paragraphs we’ll solve the matter of FIFA 15 mobile in addition to possible solutions.

In accordance with reviews posted on the internet’s Play Store and comments on several gaming forums (including EA’s official channel), players are experiencing a problem when looking to take part in the mobile version  of FIFA 15 that players are stop connections right at the end of your match, thereby failing to register the match’s successful completion plus the score isn’t being registered properly. Namely, you recently hang around without the FIFA 15 coins won.

Really it is a frustrating issue because FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has microtransaction and-game currency. It’s additionally a sports management game, so an important part of its game-play  that players sink lots of time and energy into is making a team packed with their preferred players. To build and maintain a team, you must spend either FIFA 15 coins or “FIFA points,” the 2 forms of in -game currency. Points are a additional valuable kind of currency. It costs 700 FIFA points (a bit under $7.99) to get a “gold pack” as the same pack would run you 35,000 coins.

You are able to that EA replied to someone who were unsatisfied with this problem, saying that it had been hard to pinpoint the exact source problems and“We saw a minor issue affecting a small % of  users causing those to drop before the game completed however it has since been fixed,” the EA said. “And at the instant we’re not receiving complaints about servers for your iOS/Android game.”

Well the reality is we still find FIFA fans complaining about the issues recently, like this Monday. Anyway, because there are no official solutions provided, what we should do is awaiting the coming update.  Then abandon FIFA 15? You know they don’t, keep playing and surely believe that that you are sufficiently fortunate that you just won’t meet that issue if you’re a mobile FIFA 15 player.min1024nov

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