How to receive your coins within 5 minutes

Since most of you know Fifa Coins for Sale has become constantly centering on Easy & Quick Delivery since day one. It is also one of the primary reasons that sets us besides our competitors. On a regular basis we’ve  been in a position to deliver coins within 5 minutes on 90% your orders. But our ultimate goal is 100% of them done within 5 minutes. So today we wish to have a step further to help you through our  delivery procedure, and reveal to you some crucial techniques to receive coins very quickly at EasyFUT.

Before we give out the tips, it’s important to let you know why the 10% of orders can not be delivered within 5 minutes, and just how are we going to take care of these orders. After sending thousands of orders, we’ve compiled 5 major reasons:
1, Incorrect FUT name
2, Incorrect Time Remaining (Transfer Duration)
3, Incorrect Player Name
4, Incorrect Buy Now Price
5, No Buy Now Price or No Player Found

FUT name is the ultimate team name, it may be found on top left of this console screen. Many people often change FUT name and end up forgetting concerning this, then set up a FUT name which he previously used,  then we can’t get the player, here is the most common case among each of the delayed orders. Same task could affect Time Remaining (Transfer Duration), people usually set duration to three days when  listing the gamer however devote 3 hours inside order, or list for 3 hours and set in 3 days if you want, then it will need longer for many people to discover the player. In a few other cases, people got too casual on typing  player names, we’ve seen wrong spellings, missing letters and everything, some individuals even devote their own names, then it will require forever for all of us to obtain the player. In terms of the Buy Now  Price, a number of people would likely forget to line a Buy Now, or perhaps totally forget about the listing, then how shall we be held purported to chose the player? Our advice here is to list the participant Prior to placing the transaction.

If we not able to find your player available on the market, we will try few more times in the next thirty minutes, If still nothing, we are going to first wait few hours that you arrive at our 24/7 LiveChat Support. If you don’t display on LiveChat, we’re going to then send emails to tell you in the situation (we will NEVER spam your inbox with Ads)min1024nov

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