FIFA 15 Trading With Safe Coins

QQ截图201410301130222222222FIFA15 fans have reported that the players were stuck in the transfer targets, while trading a FUT15 trading problems. Sell​​, all things are expired and will not be displayed as usual.Except address the problem, something multi-card users can not directly enter the club, but received an error message acknowledgment delay on the grounds that “very busy” in the transfer market. And others found that their transfer was not completed as maturity, although they seem still in progress. It seems that this occurs in all consoles. Because it is how to solve this FIFA15 wrong so far, no official solution, you better explain yourself or expect from any EA FIFA official Twitter account.

The problem with this transaction beyond the game’s inconvenient transmission errors. Goal of many players who are now being attacked malicious phishing sites try to lure people to their site and freedom FIFA15 Ultimate Team packs commitments.

So what should we do? Stop playing because of a lack of Fifa 15 Coins – More Here, until the bug fixes? No need. Currently there are well-known and reliable online store. FIFA 15 coins with cheap offers, we guarantee that all FUT15 coins sell for fifa15, coins are safe, 100% handmade, we never use robots.

Despite the problems, FIFA 15 is still a great game for FIFA fans. Patience to wait for the official patch, and feel free to contact fifa15- credits where you can provide a safe and fast delivery FIFA15 gold coins for you. Happy Halloween!sdkljfdlkfjdlfj

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