next-gen versions that EA Sports has released

For being powered with the new Ignite engine, a host of graphical improvements might be showcased while next-gen sibling of EA Sports’ games is now much more than only  cosmetic makeover. Fifa Coins next-gen versions will never be left out as “Best Sports Game” honoree and possesses been hyping to feature “Human Intelligence, True Player Motion, Living Worlds”.

Watching the trailers of next-gen versions that EA Sports has released, it’s actually quite striking how marvelous FIFA 14 looks on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, featuring fully 3 dimensional  crowds that have the ability to feel additional alive in comparison to the currently poorly animated cut-outs showing with the current generation version, and might affect the match by giving morale  boosts through their chanting.

Similar to the announcement which the Colombia’s Liga Postobón will likely be featured in FIFA 14 at Gamescom earlier, Colombian football striker, Radamel Falcao García Zarate is confirmed to show up on the  front cover of the Colombian edition of EA Sports’ upcoming football title FIFA 14 alongside global cover star Lionel Messi and Chile cover star Arturo Vidal.

Radamel Falcao García Zarate, we commonly phone him Falcao, is usually a Colombian football striker, who currently plays for AS Monaco from the French Ligue 1 to represent the Colombia national football  team. As a 27 years old footballer, Falcao gets experienced and impressive among Colombian football fans, even fans worldwide. Falcao is regarded as by many experts for being the ‘deadliest’ striker  on the globe and among the finest when he broke Jürgen Klinsmann’s record of 15 goals (17) in one annual club football European competition UEFA Champions League/UEFA Europa League  campaign. Falcao keeps a comfortable and excellent performance during recent seasons. He did enjoy the remarkable 2012/13 season hitting 34 goals as part of his total 40 appearances during 2012/13 season.  At the start on this season, Falcao proves his solid skill by scoring 2 goals in 2 matches for AS Monaco.

Falcao’s card in FIFA 13 presents a total rating of 89. As his impressive performance throughout last season, it’s predictable that they needs a higher rating in upcoming iteration. There’s a bold  prediction of Falcao’s rating in Cheap Fifa 14 Coins it’s easily founded online. Thanks for the sharing.

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