there are better shields on the market

As seen in the legacy beta level 80+ shields obtain a provoke ability in case you want to battle the revolutionary bosses including kalphite king . This too makes spirit shields less useful with regards to PVM,Also the Divine, Elysian and Arcane all share exactly the same passive effect (stated above) but work as Melee, Range and Mage shields respectively, they just difference could there be variation in price. So one could save themselves a minimum of 20m should they dident mind a small come by accuracy and defence to another style.

Finally on the subject of obtaining these shields you should slay the corp to make Cheap RS Gold, and all whether it is its an extremely rare drop which asks absolutely suit it worth finding the time to obtain it when there are better shields on the market?

Make elysian as an example around 30m at the moment and is an amount 75 shield, you could potentially pay less that half the elysian and have a vengeful which includes better stats to all ways but the prayer bonus.Right this moment, every monster has one weakness so you must use that combat style against that monster if you want to kill them properly.But imagine we made it so that you are able to use the identical combat style against every monster?

Right now, what sort of system works arbitrarily forces everyone to work with the 3 combat styles. I’m which it can be better when you allowed more freedom of choice.E.g., I really like Melee and wish I really could put it to use everywhere without feeling like I’m forced to work with Magic or Ranged. Same make application for Magic and Ranged.

pass so a certain monster features a ranged weakness, a melee weakness as well as a magic weakness. One example is, Fire Giants could possibly be weak to Slash, Water spells and bolts. Using able to use slashing weapons, water spells or crossbows and also have the same accuracy; in case you used everything else, you would have the same accuracy decrease since you currently do for fighting, as an example, a magic-based monster with melee.

The first case would truly allow more freedom of choice because you could literally use any weapon you liked, provided the weapon is of an sufficient level to obtain enough accuracy (by way of example, Mature grotworms are Lv. 70 defence. Your could employ a Lv. 60 weapon and possess okay-ish accuracy or perhaps a Lv. 70+ weapon and good accuracy, nevertheless , you couldn’t just spread and kill everything with bronze daggers.)

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