preparations you should have a Mortar

Once you are through with the initial preparations you should have a Mortar. This mortar have to be placed in the center of your of the Village that will help you sign up for more troops at a time. You have to too  protect your town hall people. Should the town hall people break into this town hall they recieve an automatic win as most ones think it holds money and elixir.

Put the mortar or wizard tower in the center in the village including the town hall. Then you need to place extra protection around them. Around that location you need to squeeze regular buildings  army camps, barracks, builder’s hut etc. The archer tower and cannons ought to be spread between regular buildings. Clash of Clans power leveling storages, goldmine, elixir collection and elixir storage must be at the  very outside of the village. This proper planning is very important before getting to raised levels where one can lose little gold/elixirs in battles.

This is the most significant thing to always do. This makes an opponent vanish without any stars. Moreover, this town Hall can be an instant win for the opponent since if she or he destroys it. This Town  Hall houses your resources and also this makes it that important to protect it.

Within the beginning of the game, the Mortar is the central tower. Most likely retain in the centre of this village. It is worth noting that this Mortar cannot hit troops of close proximity for it (within,  the red circle). It is just simple if you can protect your Mortar then it could protect you at the same time.

Walls are extremely important when constructing your city. It must be good should you clearly know what to set in your walls. Place your buildings all-around them so that you can don’t waste wall perimeter.  This will make your walls and buildings to stay compact. As a result you have to ensure the Town Hall or Mortar does stand alone without any protection. Next, you are able to decide where you should place walls to  increase defense.

When you have placed walls and imposed principle security you will find a few buildings left. Store them inside selection of your towers as an alternative to placing them randomly in the village. This will  make your attackers buy hitting anything inside my city. In addition they offer extra protection to my other buildings.

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